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Marriage is the step of life where the couple and their family are supposed to be confined under social norms as it is considered a social institution. Following all the rules and cultural traditions, couples are associated with each other and it’s imperative to have harmony and mutual understanding between them. At the same time, various conflicts and problems can emerge between the couples and they are often settled by the simultaneous effort of the couples where mutual understanding always plays an essential role. But on the other side of marriage and this social institution, various reasons can create barriers in the relationship, and it can also ruin the harmony. In that case, when all the effort of getting close becomes a failure and an extreme absence of harmony appears between the couples, then there is only one step that can help you have dignity and peace of mind. So, getting apart from such a relationship needs the help of best divorce lawyer, who can represent your petition in the constitutional bench and can help you get the divorce on a certain ground or concern.

Different grounds can be considered for the Hindu Marriage Act 1955, and it is essential to mention them as per the constitutional rule while filing your petition therefore some essential and common grounds as follows that can be the causes of getting a divorce and as the best Divorce lawyer in Delhi, we are intended to reveal explicit information for the persons having such requirements.

Some Distinct Grounds of Divorce Under the Hindu Marriage Act 1955

Cruelty: It is the ground where the behaviour of any person becomes cruel and intolerable. In those cases, if there are practices of physical or mental violence one can consult the divorce lawyer to get rid of such a terrible condition.

Desertion: When any spouse tries to get apart from each other without any valid reason or information.

Adultery: It’s a valid ground that is confined to broad terms and conditions as per the recent amendment in the law.

Conversion: In this case, where any one of them decides to change their religion without the agreement of their partner.

Mental Disorder of the spouse: If, unfortunately, anyone gets mentally disordered then another can file a petition for divorce on that ground.

Renunciation: Getting apart from family by renunciation and escaping from responsibility can also be the grounds for divorce.

Presumption of Death: If the partner is apart from the family or spouse for more than seven years as per the Hindu Marriage Act 1955, one can get the help of constitutional law to get apart with the help of the best divorce Lawyer.

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Are you willing to consult a divorce lawyer in Delhi to get rid of conflicts due to family and marital issues and want to find ways to cessation of stress, anxiety, and financial pressure due to delay or proceeding in the divorce case, then indeed, Advocate Sachin Kashyap, best divorce lawyer in Delhi can illustrate the ways and help you find the best solution for your case and concern. Because, once you get acquainted with all the circumstances associated with your case and their precise solution, you can easily ensure the desired results and justice. Therefore, the suggestions from experts are always relevant and the divorce lawyer does the same.

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Experienced Divorce Lawyer in Delhi
Our team of expert divorce lawyer in Delhi have years of experience and handle divorce cases professionally. We deal with multiple situations including contested divorce, mutual divorce, alimony, child custody and more.

Personalized Legal Strategies
Understanding that each divorce case is unique, our lawyers tailor their strategies to meet the specific needs and goals of our clients. As the best divorce lawyer in Delhi, we prioritise open communication to ensure you are informed and comfortable throughout the legal proceedings.

Contested and Uncontested Divorce
Our experienced divorce lawyer in Delhi has the expertise, knowledge and experience on contested and uncontested divorce cases. Our ultimate goal is to simplify the process, reduce stress and help our clients by providing the best possible outcomes in their favour.

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Before filing your divorce petition based on the following ground it’s essential to get acquainted with all the terms and conditions and valid grounds through which you can defend yourself for a fair divorce with all the desired settlement as per the constitutional norms and law and to accomplish this you need to get the help from the best Divorce Lawyer in Delhi. And here with Advocate Sachin Kashyap, we have a team of Best Lawyer in Delhi NCR having profound experience and with the consequences of an enormous number of case studies, we are well-versed and capable of accumulating the documents that must be presented for the fair and desired decision.

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