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Advocate Sachin Kashyap & Associates is an service matters or employment law firm giving proficient legal counsel to both employers and employees on all form of employment and labour law in India.We help employers in strategically answers to the different human resources and regulatory problems that come out in the day to day course of the business in order to lessen workplace fights and employer legal liability. We also commonly appear for individual employees at all levels in their court cases, giving timely, planned advice and advocacy for workplace disputes in Delhi NCR. Our principle is that active legal appearance in court cases in the High Court of Delhi involves intelligence, teamwork and well planned thinking. Results labour or service dispute matters to achieve desired results.

Most family lawyers work to represent clients in divorce proceedings and other matters related to divorce. But family law is a relatively broad practice area, including such issues as foster care and rights.

Service Matters Expertise: We offer legal services across various service matters, including disputes related to employment, promotions, disciplinary actions, retirement benefits, and more. Our aim is to protect the rights and interests of government employees.

CAT Matters Expertise: With specialised knowledge in CAT proceedings, we represent clients in disputes regarding recruitment and conditions of service. Whether it's filing a case, an appeal, or seeking a review of a decision, our lawyers are adept at navigating the intricacies of CAT matters.

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Why Us? Our service and CAT Lawyer in Delhi combines specialised expertise with a strategic approach to deliver personalised solutions. We are dedicated to client satisfaction, maintaining transparent communication, and achieving favourable outcomes. Our focus is on understanding your unique situation and providing the legal guidance you need.

If you're facing legal challenges in service or CAT matters in Delhi, contact Advocate Sachin Kashyap. As the best lawyer in Delhi, we are here to help you overcome these challenges with confidence.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A service matters lawyer can help by advising you on your legal rights, representing you in court or tribunal hearings, negotiating settlements on your behalf, and guiding you through the administrative processes involved in resolving your dispute.
Look for a lawyer with experience and expertise in service matters, especially with a track record of handling cases similar to yours. Consider their familiarity with the relevant government departments or public sector entities, their success rate, and feedback from previous clients.
The time of a case varies widely based on its complexity, the individual problems involved, and the court or tribunal's schedule. Your lawyer can provide an estimated timeline based on their experience with similar cases.
Service matters lawyers handle a wide range of cases, including employment discrimination, conflicts over promotions or transfers, pension and retirement benefit concerns, and legal challenges to disciplinary measures.

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